Congratulations – your online journey is about to begin and you’ll barely need to lift a finger! We’re excited about building the perfect website for you and would like to make the process as smooth as possible.


We’ll be in touch shortly to talk you through what’s going to happen next, but here’s a brief summary of what to expect during the Hire an Expert process:

1. You’ll be provided with a brief template. Fill this in in as much detail as possible – bring your vision to life here and tell us exactly what you want!

2. We’ll connect you to your own personal account manager – this FunkyCamel expert will be focusing on your site and making sure it’s perfect for you. 

3. Once you’ve submitted your brief and spoken to your account manager, the next step is to sit back and relax while we create the first draft of your website.

4. We’ll send you back the first draft as soon as it’s ready – then you can check it out and request any edits you may have. 

5. We’ll make the edits and send you back another draft – and you approve the design when you’re happy with it! 

6. Once you’ve approved the design, we get to work on completing your site.


And that’s it! So simple.


All we ask you to do while you’re waiting is start dreaming up your perfect website! Get your images ready and your ideas on paper, and we’ll be speaking to you very soon.

Thanks for trusting FunkyCamel to build and maintain your website for you. We won’t let you down!